Wholesale FAQ

Unfortunately, at this point in time I can't offer wholesale pricing since everything is hand crafted. This drastically limits the quantity of items that I can make. That being said, I can offer a few things: Since my quantities are usually between 6 and 24 of each item per year you can be assured that if you purchase the batch, the item will not be available anywhere until next year. This will allow you the freedom to promote a unique product. Additionally, stores that purchase a complete batch will receive a listing on my web site with directions to your store along with the phrase ``Available Exclusively at" and the craft's picture.

I can also provide you with first choice of new item before they go on my web site. I have a digital camera so I can take & send detailed pictures of items for future evaluation.

Please understand that I stand by the quality of my crafts, if you are ever unhappy with an item, simply send it back  for a replacement or refund.

Once again, Thanks for your interest in my crafts.

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